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11w tomorrow

Tomorrow we bid farewell to week 10 and shuffle into week 11. OB visit # 2 is tomorrow and my secret shame – rented fetal monitor is also arriving.

Here’s to hoping all is well in there.

I am still all symptom-ed – sore boo.bed, sea-sick, zombie tired  – all on and off. The one that remains constant is a huge meat aversion. Grocery store bad.

Quarter of the way there Bubble. Not far now.


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How do you spell overprotective?

I tell ya, give a girl the interwebs and nothing is sacred. In my “feeling so much better so something must be wrong” panic today I learned something…YOU CAN RENT A FETAL MONITOR FOR YOUR HOUSE. It’s true! And before you ask, 48 hours. It’ll be here friday. And what does peace of mind cost? Like, a hundred bucks…which seems a small price to pay to end the office weeping.

I’m just sayin’…

Will let you know how it goes.


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Every now and again I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the guidance, support and friendship I’ve found here. So I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who’s reading, commenting and sharing their journey with me. I greatly appreciate it.

And just to give a quick update on the heart test. It’s going fine – other than the insufferable itchiness caused by the lab lade who used what feels like a whole roll of tape on my chest. There’s even a piece taping my together. I think I’ve mentioned that they started as DD’s and preggo I think they’re charting new territory in the alphabet. Suffice to say a piece of tape spanning that great divide might just be the least comfortable thing I’ve experienced to date. ouch.

The monitor goes back tomorrow and so far, nothing unusual has been caught on the recorded.

We’ll just have to see if pregnancy continues to play tricks on my heart or if things even out.

Time will tell.


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The Exhaustion Continues…

I was falling into the trap of thinking I’m feeling better so maybe something’s wrong with Bubble. Well the tireds are back with a vengeance.

I slept 10 hours last night, 11 the night before and would happily have crawled into bed at 9 tonight if I didn’t have things to do.

It’s quite funny how these symptoms come and go. Are here one day then gone the next. Up. Down. Up. Down. This is quite a ride.

Can’t write any more. So tired.


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At the heart of it…

Apparently being pregnant does more than affect your metaphorical heart. It affect the blood pumping one as well. I have a heart condition – a tachycardia ( or racing heartbeat) that has up till this point being pretty much a non issue in my life. It crops up every now and again – 2 or 3 times a year. Heart is normal. Heart is beating like bat out of hell for no apparent reason. Then after anywhere from 12 sec to 12 minutes goes back to normal – no harm no foul.

Well since Bubble entered the picture – seems it’s off to the races every week. And this, I’ve been told, is quite normal for people with this type of condition.

So tomorrow – oh joy oh bliss – I get to head over to the hospital – get all hooked up to a monitor that I get to wear for 48 hours – hopefully catch my uber-beating heart in action at some point during that time then head back 2 days later to have it removed.

More poking. More prodding. Must check it out just to be sure. Have had this test before. It’s really no big deal.

Only bringing it up because I keep talking about how my heart is expanding faster than my waistline -filled well over capacity with love for Bubble – and find it funny (funny strange, not funny ha ha) that all the while, my other heart – the red and bloody one has gotten itself all worked up too.

The human body is a fascinating thing.


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In between

We’re at the point where some people know and some people don’t. We have family that doesn’t know and we’re waiting till the ‘start of the 2nd’ to tell them. But other folks, like those who were there to support during ivf, my boss and a couple of people at work who know because of the office barfing, randoms like my physio, our contractor (fumes- safety) do know, want to talk about it and seem to want to tell people.

And then there’s the part where my clothes don’t fit and I seem to be developing a bit of a bump – bloat? Bubble? who knows?

It’s not easy to stay on the down low when you’re in between telling and not telling.

I want the next 2 weeks to fly by and go something like this: see the doc, get our tests done, start the transition to tri #2. Course, I’ve learned things seldom go as planned.

Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop hoping.


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10 weeks today

The ten week mark seems like a big deal. A quarter of the way through. A good time to look back…

at 10 Things I Didn’t Know 10 Weeks Ago

1. morning sickness really doesn’t have anything to do with morning.

2. DD isn’t nearly as big as they’re gonna get.

3. Food can be friend or foe. Fav’s can turn foe in an instant. And vice versa.

4. It only takes about 4 weeks until your skinny day jeans are a no go, and your fat day jeans aren’t gonna last long either.

5. Sleeping 12 hours in a day can seem like a reasonable use of your time.

6. Your body is no longer your own long before anyone else can see a change.

7. You can feel joy and fear at the same time 24/7.

8. Miracles happen

9. Sometimes you just have to throw up in what you’ve got to throw up in.

10. You are able to measure a being too small to see. But there is no way to measure the love you feel for it.


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Halfway between appointments…

If someone could just go ahead and invent the everything’s-gonna-be-alright-o-meter I’d really appreciate it. That way I could know if everything is going to be alright. or mostly everything. Or somethings are going to go wrong but it won’t be that bad. Or maybe it’s ‘brace yourself for the worst’.

I hate not knowing. No knowing if the little person in there who’s consuming my every thought is gonna make it into this world to meet me.


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Playing the Pregnant Card

We went to a sporting event tonight and our seats were in a section in which everyone was standing. Now I’m not very pregnant – but I’m already too pregnant to think standing up for 2 hours is a good idea.

So I marched my bloated, chesty self up to security and requested we get moved to different seats.

After I explained that I wasn’t ‘big bump’ pregnant, we don’t know the sex and no, we weren’t pregnant when we got the tickets – to 3 different people as I got passed from one to another, we got different seats! Ones where we could sit down and see!

Everyone was pretty polite and understanding and the game was great! I know it seems a bit wussy but as far as I’m concerned if you can’t drink delicious stadium beer – you might as well fight for a seat.

In other news my morning sickness is retreating to be morning only. Which is great. And the doc told  me might happen as I approached week 10 – friday…but I’m still worried something is  wrong…



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A normal person

Greetings ICLW’ers! Thanks for stopping by. You can catch up on the long version but the short story is after more than 2 years of trying we got some help ttc. The first option IUI failed x3. But we got lucky with our first IVF. Not ‘got lucky’ as there was none of that. But saw 2 pink lines. We’re 9 1/2 weeks along, have graduated from the RE and can’t wait to meet Bubble.

Now the morning ( yeah right, 9 am-11pm) sickness has been an unwelcome guest to the party. But I have to say, mid-way through this aft, I started to feel like a normal human. That likely means I’m in for a doozy tomorrow but I’m clinging to the hope that this morning sickness can be corralled into ‘morning’.

In other news, my boss’ wife is also expecting…and due the same day! How weird is that? I’ll have to dig further into that in a later post.

This is kind of a lame post – I feel like I invited guests over but didn’t bother to clean house or set the good silver. I’ll write earlier tomorrow – when Bubble isn’t begging for sleep.


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