How I found myself here…

Starting trying Nov ’06. Hmm. Not working.

Talked to GP May ’07 – response? Have more sex. Do these blood tests. Come back when it’s been a year.

Back to GP October ’07. Tests for husband. Tests for me. Verdict? Huh. Nothing’s wrong. Referred to RE Nov ’07.

Saw RE Jan ’08. More tests. Referred to clinic.Mar ’08. Guess what? Clinic requires more tests for acceptance. So far – all is normal. May ’08 – What’s the hold up? Oh – lab lost results. Requisition missed tests. So – more tests.

June ’08 – Orientation. Finally ready for IUI #1 w clomid. BFN Month off. IUI #2 w clomid. BFN. IUI #3 w clomid BFN. IUI #4 with injectibles. Cancelled. Cysts.

Nov ’08 cysts gone. But no IUI’s in dec. Switch clinics.

TESTS. hmmm. Hey -there’s a polyp. And some other funny business. Maybe endo?

So here we are – IVF #1. Unexplained infertility with a high probability of mild endo.

Meds start Feb 4. Wish us luck.

IVF#1 BFP – Bubble born Nov. 16/2009

Hmmm, maybe another try wouldn’t be so bad…

Meet with RE March ’11.

Long protocol begins for IVF #2

June ’11 – meds, retrieval, transfer, success! Another BFP

Aug 7, ’11 – 3rd ultrasound reveals missed miscarriage.

Sigh. Heartbreak. d&c aug 10.

Where to next?

3 responses to “How I found myself here…

  1. Hello! Wishing you luck with your injection starting tomorrow- the first one is the hardest, in about 6 days you’ll feel like an old hand at it. Almost nothing is stranger but I promise, it will get better. Good luck! I’ll check back in to see how you’re doing!

  2. Have you read The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis? I’ve found it very informative and useful. Our IF stems from male factor (low sperm count), but I’ve had 4 unsuccessful IUIs and 1 unsuccessful IVF, so the REs are now calling it “unexplained.” I think that might be the most frustrating diagnosis, as it isn’t really a diagnosis at all. Lots of luck!

  3. My husband and I have started the IVF process but not the procedure. Going through IVF or infertility brings on emotions I have never felt before. My advise to people would be stay positive and never give up. I truly appreciate your blog…you give me an extra boost of hope.

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