Playing the Pregnant Card

We went to a sporting event tonight and our seats were in a section in which everyone was standing. Now I’m not very pregnant – but I’m already too pregnant to think standing up for 2 hours is a good idea.

So I marched my bloated, chesty self up to security and requested we get moved to different seats.

After I explained that I wasn’t ‘big bump’ pregnant, we don’t know the sex and no, we weren’t pregnant when we got the tickets – to 3 different people as I got passed from one to another, we got different seats! Ones where we could sit down and see!

Everyone was pretty polite and understanding and the game was great! I know it seems a bit wussy but as far as I’m concerned if you can’t drink delicious stadium beer – you might as well fight for a seat.

In other news my morning sickness is retreating to be morning only. Which is great. And the doc told  me might happen as I approached week 10 – friday…but I’m still worried something is  wrong…




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5 responses to “Playing the Pregnant Card

  1. I just hit week 10, today and mine has changed in the last few days as well. It went from just morning to ALL DAY. BLECH! I can’t seem to soothe my belly at all.

  2. I love this! Use it up as much as you can. Good for you.

  3. Play that pregnant card at every turn, my dear!! You’ve been waiting a while for it. 🙂

    I totally freak out whenever symptoms change/ease up. I think it is natural to be worried, but in my experience with my daughter, I started feeling better about 11 weeks, and that freaked me out a lot. It is a normal time for things to let up a bit, though.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog- I will be following you too. 🙂

    Big hugs!

  4. my morning sickness lasted for about a week, and i freaked out when it went away. but, the baby’s still growing away. i told my mom it would ease my fears to just be sick throughout the pregnancy!!

  5. girl, play the pregnant card. do it. I say take all the advantage of it you can!

    And, I know you probably have heard this, but MOST of my friends have had very passing morning sickness………it usually resolves.

    Also, since your baby grows in spurts, your hormone levels can spike in spurts and you can have rising and falling morning sickness.

    Here is to a healthy and happy pregnancy. 🙂


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