How do you spell overprotective?

I tell ya, give a girl the interwebs and nothing is sacred. In my “feeling so much better so something must be wrong” panic today I learned something…YOU CAN RENT A FETAL MONITOR FOR YOUR HOUSE. It’s true! And before you ask, 48 hours. It’ll be here friday. And what does peace of mind cost? Like, a hundred bucks…which seems a small price to pay to end the office weeping.

I’m just sayin’…

Will let you know how it goes.



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2 responses to “How do you spell overprotective?

  1. becomingwhole

    I rarely comment here, but I read _religiously_. Just wanted to drop in and say–that would TOTALLY be me with the in-home fetal monitor. 🙂

  2. I swear we were separated at birth.

    Fetal monitor? 100 bucks.
    Peace of mind? priceless.

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