This one feels a bit like a lose-lose

But here’s the thing.

I’m not one to go down without a fight.

I started the supplements today. All the supplements. It’s a fairly serious commitment – I think there are 8 in total. I’ll have plenty of time to tell you all about them as I won’t be calling in my day one till the beginning of april. And then there’s a non-medicated cycle. Then THE cycle. Of course, I can change my mind at any point between now and my official day 1 (teaching day) (which I find funny since I could probably teach the nurses how to give better injections that they can teach me…) with minimal financial consequence.
But after all the juggling of various vits and supps, that seems unlikely.
I think we’re in – hoping to be THE ten percent.
Understanding that we may just be in this time so we know – without doubt – that we’re out.

It may well be crazy. But I think I believe in my heart that there are things in life worth going a little crazy for.

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