In between

We’re at the point where some people know and some people don’t. We have family that doesn’t know and we’re waiting till the ‘start of the 2nd’ to tell them. But other folks, like those who were there to support during ivf, my boss and a couple of people at work who know because of the office barfing, randoms like my physio, our contractor (fumes- safety) do know, want to talk about it and seem to want to tell people.

And then there’s the part where my clothes don’t fit and I seem to be developing a bit of a bump – bloat? Bubble? who knows?

It’s not easy to stay on the down low when you’re in between telling and not telling.

I want the next 2 weeks to fly by and go something like this: see the doc, get our tests done, start the transition to tri #2. Course, I’ve learned things seldom go as planned.

Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop hoping.


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3 responses to “In between

  1. Just read your last three posts in a greedy gulp, and oh yes
    don’t stop hoping. So much of what you say is so familiar– the inbetweenness of telling and not telling, the desire just to be through testing and onto the other side (ME too and I am probably a month away from screening), the green green grass of trimester two– and if your clothes don’t fit anymore, it is BUBBLE– whether it is bloat or not it is still bubble causing it. Allow yourself to know that somehow this really is happening– it really is. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best, Kate

  2. I hope they go just that well, and I am sure things will!! It is hard to be in between telling people. I am sure that Bubble is causing whatever is going on- whatever it is. They have a way of taking over our bodies!!

    Big hugs!

  3. This inbetween place is hard – I can relate to what you’re saying. We’ve told a few people who knew we were going through IVF/ICSI, but have otherwise kept it quiet. It’s tough, though, when so much is happening, to not shout it from the rooftops.

    Oh, I’m sure it’s bubble’s bump and bloat…!

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