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OB, wand, kenobi

We met with the OB today and I actually quite like him. Seemed to be unfazed by my neurosis. He’s sending me to a specialist to check up on my ticker…(heart arrhythmia? no idea how to spell that.) It’s an old problem that seems to be a little more prominent since the Bubble. There was no wand today but I was very comfortable with him and think he would not be heavy handed should he ever wield the wand.

In terms of being able to get us from now across the universe to holding a baby Bubble, he came across as the guy who’d listen to all your concerns, acknowledge your fears, and put you in the best hands if he felt the situation was beyond his expertise. All in all, I liked him – and I was expecting to not like him.

Two milestones in two days. Heartbeat and OB. Still working on the new masthead. I’ve come to realize that even if this becomes a pregnancy after IVF blog then we lose Bubble, it will never be what it was again. So I’m getting ready to make a shift. Not quite yet. But soon.


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