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You slipped through our hands

Dear Olive,

Every time I hear the bridge of the song Sandcastles by Justin Roberts I tear up thinking of you. Which, considering it’s the only song your brother wants to have sung to him at bedtime, is often.

“We didn’t want you to go.
We just thought you should know.
She slipped through our hands,
just like a balloon
returns to the sky.
So Dad and I
knew you’d be
somewhere out in the sea,
in a million sandcastles to be.”

We had big plans, Olive. Big big plans. And they all got washed away. I only want to be the places we never went together. And I only want to be the places we’ve been. I want to keep you here with me forever. And I want to let you go too. It’s been a hard, hard week Olive. I miss you.

Love Mommy

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