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I’m all jumbled up. I’m excited and terrified and cautious and elated all at once. The few people who know IRL are asking when they can officially congratulate me and I keep saying “when I’m holding a baby”. It’s so surreal. I know – i sound like a giant whiner. And trust me – I never in a million years thought I’d be the one who was too chicken to get stoked about everything that’s happening.

So in the interest of baby steps, here are the five things I’ve learned from google about my upcoming months if all goes as planned…

1. I’ll have a huge bump at my best friends wedding.

2. I can’t eat hot dogs.

3. My boobs aren’t going to feel better any time soon.

4. I won’t necessarily need new clothes for a few months – unless I start packing on pounds early as some girls do which would be normal. Though I might not – which would also be normal.

5. What to Expect when you’re expecting is full of all sorts of random unexpected things. Though really, what did I expect?

I did have one odd moment – while at the cheese shop someone was trying to give me a sample of bree. It’s good, so creamy, have to try it blah blah blah. And my ‘no thank you’s’ we’re working. So finally I said, “”I can’t. I’m pregnant.”

Huh. i just hope the Bubbles can make it through the long haul. Hold on tight Bubbles. It’s going to be a hellova ride.

Back Wednesday for beta #2 – we’ll see if the 218 jumps accordingly.

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