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Old MacDonald

We went to the farm in the city this morning. Which turned out to be an excellent test for whether i’m going to have morning sickness any time soon. Despite not feeling bad at all and wondering at every moment if the end of this one is upon us, the poultry building very nearly had me tossing my cookies on the cobblestones. 

It appears I will be pregnant at least a little while longer. Ee I ee I obi.


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Picking up the Pace…Beta #2

So the beta is back. All is good, beta is 328. More than meeting doubling time mark for a healthy pregnancy. They say you’re looking for a doubling time of 48 hours. We’re at 38 hours.
The not so good news is they are making me wait 3 WEEKS for an ultrasound! Wha?
I’m never going to make it. They are though, going to let me come in for a repeat beta on Thursday just to see how things are ticking along.

Hang in there Obi. Please, please hang in there.


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Did you know they just pee and that’s it?

Seriously, I was talking to someone who revealed she’s pregnant – 5weeks – and she told me the drill when you get a bun in the oven the old fashionedway. First off, she peed on exactly 1 stick. Then,she made a doctors appointment and they had her pee on a stick to confirm. PEE ON A STICK? What about beta numbers? What about the first ultrasound? What about the next ultrasound?

How will she know what the hell is going on? 

I asked…hoping the panic in my voice was adequately concealed.

She answered that you just wait till between 10 and 12 weeks for your ultrasound.

I very nearly had a heart attack. I peed on an extra stick just to calm my own nerves.

Then Irealized that feel a bit jyped that I’ll never get to know what it’s like to trust that it’s just going to work out. That’s kind of sad.

Repeat beta tomorrowHope itI goes a-ok.

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First Beta Today

So the number is in – 137 11dp3dt. That is right in the average for a healthy singleton pregnancy. Let’s hope it stays that way! Second beta to test doubling time is on Friday. Man oh man, this is surreal. I thought this beta would bring closure to this long journey. One last negative them moving on. Now I have an indeterminate number of days to worry.
I hope I can let a little excitement sneak in soon. Maybe around 6 weeks from now…


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May 20, 2012 · 1:49 pm

Sorry to have left you hangin’

I saw the faintest line – still a squinter, 6dp3dt on Friday and figured it was just the trigger. After January’s fiasco (where we had squinters on and off for 4 days following the neg. showing the trigger was out then nothing but a snow white window beside the control line) I needed to know that wasn’t happening again.

When I tested Friday PM the line was clear but still light. Saturday morning my husband (who really needs glasses) could see it clearly. I was able to photograph it easily.

I emailed my RE to double check if when he thought the trigger was out – I didn’t want to take any chances getting my hopes up to have them all crushed. Although, at this point, I think someone handing me a baby that I just pushed out of my own self would make me think – well this could still go wrong. Anyhoo, he confirmed that he believed the trigger would be out – likely for a day or two. Yesterday evening it was darker still as it was this am. Still not as dark as the control line but clear as a bell.

So I couldn’t resist going out and buying one of these.


I’m going to strong arm my RE into moving my beta up from Friday. For 2 reasons. 1. If I go Friday, I’ll have to wait until Monday for repeat beta. 2. I would like to be able to save 2 days worth of pee stick $$.

Obi and or Wan seem to be sticking people.

Let’s collectively hold hands and hope it continues for the long, worry-filled haul.

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Willpower = zero

Today is 6dp3dt. I think I still have trigger in my system which would account for the squinter of a line I saw on my test this morning. I’ll test again tomorrow to see if it’s out and the field is blank or if it’s darker.

I sneaked into the basement bathroom to test as Husband is dead set against all the up and down torture we had last time.

Me? I had to know what’s going on in there.

I didn’t tell him. Is that wrong? I really do think it’s still the trigger. I had 2Xovidrel and according to my calculations, it could def still be showing up.

wait. wait. wait.

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Holding it…

Just popping by to let you know I have not peed on a stick. Not 1. Husband doesn’t want me too at all, but that’s not likely to happen.
Most see BFPs with a 3dt starting 7dp. Not sure if I’ll be able to wait till 8dp or not. Willpower isn’t one of my strong suits.
I’m just hoping Obi and Wan are doing A-ok.

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Obi and Wan

I finally have a few minutes to post about how I’m feeling about all the crazy up and down this past week. I was so, so expecting to have a crazy (for me) number of eggs. Unfortunately that was not the case. So we got the 5 which made me feel like it would be ok…until I heard that only 2 made it though.

I was fully expecting them to perish overnight. When I got the call that they’d made it though, I was too stunned to speak to the nurse.

So then the 3dt was set…and I got a call from my RE late the night before to see if I was interested in seeing if they’d make it to day 5.

After the long chat and the decision to stick with day 3 I felt pretty good about it.

But now that it’s past and I’m in the ‘WAIT’ I’m wondering if I made the right decision. There’s the extra couple of days wait, the uncertainty that comes from not knowing if they’ve made it to blast stage.

I’ve said over and over again that I’m ready no matter the outcome but I’m now I’m not so sure. Bah.

Anyway – I’ve named them Obi and Wan. You know that part in star wars? When Princess Leia leans into R2 D2 and gives him the hologram? She says “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi – you’re my only hope.” That pretty much sums it up for these 2.

Help me Obi and Wan – you’re my only hope…

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They made it!

Transferred 2 embryos today. Day 3 transfer isn’t ideal for all the scientists in the process but I didn’t wasn’t them to die in the lab.

Waiting. Waiting. Sh&$. 2 weeks is *like* forEVER.

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