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Add crampy to the list of things making me grumpy

Not a nice feeling in my bubblebaby zone today. Cramps. Oh at first I though they were gas or some other intestinal assult but as the day is wearing thin I’m pretty sure they’re cramps – kind of like, no a lot like the day or two before period cramps.

Not like crazy day 1 want to stay home and duct tape the heating pad to my middle cramps. More like oh crap – she’s back cramps.

So could it be bubblebaby implanting cramps – 4dp5dt? Could it be dreaded you-know-who arriving to put a swift end to all this waiting and hoping and planning and stuff?

Uninterrupted by drugs and other unpleasantry’s , tomorrow would be the day. Beta’s not till the 18th!

AF. That’s all I f’ng need. I’ll keep you posted…


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