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Half down, half to go…

So Obi is 20 weeks along. Half way done.

That also means we’re only 4 weeks from viability. Not that having Obi make an appearance that early would be a good thing.

But it is good to know that if she arrived, she’d at least have a chance.

I def feel more aches and pains this time around so I think my chances of being comfortable right up till the end are slim.
But I’ll do whatever it takes to bring little Obi safely to term and then home.

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Obi’s a…

healthy little bean from what I can tell from the ultrasound today. Baby is still measuring a little small but it doesn’t seem to be a concern. Didn’t get any warnings or watchouts so I think we’re in the clear in terms of anatomy.
Speaking of anatomy, we did get a peak at Obi’s parts.
Obi’s girl parts.
That’s right, it’s team pink for Obi.
I was expecting another boy so I’m quite taken by surprise. But I am tickled…(blush) tickled pink.
We’re super excited here.
A healthy baby. A girl. It’s a really big day around here.
Now just need to find the right time to tell Bubble that Obi is in the way.


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