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Bad Blogger

I might get the award for the worst blogger ever. It’s been a crazy time at work. I’m exhausted.

Have been reading lots but can’t seem t find the energy to post. Nothing is really new. I’m growing. Bubble seems to be doing a-ok. The countdown to the start of my mat leave keeps me from losing it on everyone at the office. Do we really need to work till 11 pm every night? I think not.

The baby room is now only half full of office stuff. And the baby cloths are starting to pile up – through none have been washed or anything. The tags are all still on. And the baby stuff is starting to collect around the corners of the house but nothing is out of the packaging yet.

Once a scaredy cat -always a scaredy cat.

Tomorrow we hit 28 W. Getting there.

We’re getting there.


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Oh how time flies…

Between work – recovering from a little back nightmare – fighting off fatigue that has suddenly reared it’s ugly head and generally living life, another week has passed without a post. so sorry to be disappearing.

Today – just wanted to write a quick note in memory of my Dad, who passed away 9 years ago today. Talk about time passing. I have to say, this year feel particularly hard. He would have been over the moon to have a grandchild. His love for kids had no bounds. He loved Halloween when all the kids came by for treats. He was a highschool teacher, but often went to elementary schools to give computer classes and cherished those days. He loved his students and his teams and most of all – he loved my sister and me.

This little guy here would have just made him giddy with smiles and stories and …well, I sure am sorry he won’t be here for that. And that the Bubble won’t ever get to know him aside from photos and stories.

That’s all I’ve got today. I’ll update more on the Bub soon.


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I should know better than to anger the gods of bad backs with talk of injury and spasm and pain. Every time you do that – wham. or ouch. or whatever.

I’ve been flat on my back – or rather – curled up with a pillow between my knees on my side since wednesday afternoon when, for no apparent reason (other than jinxing) my back decided to go into full spasm. Wednesday evening I couldn’t stand up straight – couldn’t walk more than 10 or so steps and couldn’t sit. At all.

Tonight – after spending the whole day off my feet (except for frequent pee trips) I can walk around the house slowly with only intermittent nerve pain firing down my legs, sit for about 10 or 15 minutes with only minor discomfort and lie still fairly though not totally pain free.

Gotta haul into work tomorrow though- thank heavens for half day friday summer hours!

It’s gonna be a long threeandabit months.


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hey – quick question…my aching back is, well, aching. I had a significant back injury over a year ago (couldn’t sit for more than 20 min for about 9 mos…) but was feeling a-ok when the Bubble came to be. Now, the disc is tender and swollen. And my low back/butt are killing me. I’m starting to get really nervous about re-injuring my back during labour.

Anyone know anything about labour after back injury?

Would you push a c-section just in case? Or take your chances?

not sure what to do…?


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Sad, sad day.

Please go lend some support to sprog and Mo and Will today. Heartbreaking.

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Wait Till your Second…

File this one under stupid conversations. I seem to be having it a lot lately. It usually starts with an ‘every pregnancy is different’ angle then slides directly into ‘when you have your second…’. Sometimes this refers to pregnancy, sometimes it’s about the wait between or how they get along or I don’t know, the fact that it’s wednesday.

Anyway – I try to be polite with a ‘this is probably it for us’ but people WILL NOT LET IT GO. Sheesh.

I suppose there’s a ‘once infertile, always infertile’ lesson to be learned here – that even when you’re 24 weeks preg those infertile feelings keep at’cha. But my god people…

me – this is probably it for us

people who bug me – no

me – yeah

them – you can’t have just ONE!

me (to myself – it’s a freakin miracle this one’s coming) – well, we feel very blessed with this one.

them – oh – you’ll see how much you want another one before too long

me (to self – wanting and having are two different things) – well we waited a long time to get here so and we’re going to enjoy every minute

them – oh – you’re probably the people who’ll have a whole bunch

me (self – shut the fuck up or shell out 15 grand so we can have another go) We had quite a lot of help this time – not sure we’re ready for more.

them – well I have a (friend-co-worker-neighbour-aunt-cousin-random person I heard of once) who had the hardest time then boom – second one just like that!

me – uh-huh. well I’ll keep that in mind.

them – you must be so excited.

me (s – I was before you ruined my perfectly good day) yup. exxxxxcited.

Some people suck. Those people find me.


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Back at it…

After my extended absence I’m back. Had two holidays practically back to back and a few crazy busy days in between with no time to catch up.

Let me start by saying Bubble is great. Growing. Making my back ache. My tummy swell. And my heart just get more and more full.

I arrived back at the office today to the realization that if everything goes as expected, I now have less than 3 months of work before my leave starts.

Crazy. There is much to be done. Many decisions to be made. And lots of baby care related stuff to be sorted. I think in the next 3 months we’re in for quite a ride.

Hang on tight!


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