The Exhaustion Continues…

I was falling into the trap of thinking I’m feeling better so maybe something’s wrong with Bubble. Well the tireds are back with a vengeance.

I slept 10 hours last night, 11 the night before and would happily have crawled into bed at 9 tonight if I didn’t have things to do.

It’s quite funny how these symptoms come and go. Are here one day then gone the next. Up. Down. Up. Down. This is quite a ride.

Can’t write any more. So tired.



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6 responses to “The Exhaustion Continues…

  1. I am with ya, hun. I was doing pretty good forcing myself to get up early over the weekend & such, however now it’s back to Monday, It took forever to drag my butt out of bed today. It’s now 6:34pm and I could probably go to bed, soon, if dinner wasn’t in the works and my husband wasn’t depending on me cooking it, lol.

  2. I am the same way. I freak out when symptoms go away at all, and then rejoice a little when they come back (which is usually 10 minutes later).

    I could go to bed every night at 8 (daughter wakes me up at 6-ish) and I must nap every day. It is hard work, this baby growing business!

    Pat Bubble for me!


  3. Good luck with the heart testing tomorrow! I love how you equate it with the growing love you feel for bubble.

  4. I hope the tiredness doesnt’ stick around too much! (also, this comment just made me an iron commenter 🙂 thanks!)


  5. I hear you on the waxing and waning symptoms. Yesterday I was worried that my boobs didn’t hurt as much, and now today I’ve been fightnig the urge to hurl all. day. Blech.

    Good luck with everthing tomorrow. And get some rest. 😉

  6. Quite a ride indeed.
    Hope your heart settles into something resembling a calm saunter.. and thinking of you. Hope all was well today. Warmly, Kate

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