A normal person

Greetings ICLW’ers! Thanks for stopping by. You can catch up on the long version but the short story is after more than 2 years of trying we got some help ttc. The first option IUI failed x3. But we got lucky with our first IVF. Not ‘got lucky’ as there was none of that. But saw 2 pink lines. We’re 9 1/2 weeks along, have graduated from the RE and can’t wait to meet Bubble.

Now the morning ( yeah right, 9 am-11pm) sickness has been an unwelcome guest to the party. But I have to say, mid-way through this aft, I started to feel like a normal human. That likely means I’m in for a doozy tomorrow but I’m clinging to the hope that this morning sickness can be corralled into ‘morning’.

In other news, my boss’ wife is also expecting…and due the same day! How weird is that? I’ll have to dig further into that in a later post.

This is kind of a lame post – I feel like I invited guests over but didn’t bother to clean house or set the good silver. I’ll write earlier tomorrow – when Bubble isn’t begging for sleep.



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8 responses to “A normal person

  1. WOO HOO! Yay for feeling half human!! I hope it continues for you! I have been feeling less than human for the last couple days now, even more so than normal. Hopefully it will pass for both of us in just a few short weeks, once we hit our SECOND trimester!!

  2. Congrats on your recent IVF success!

    Happy ICLW!

  3. I had weeks of feeling that way. Now, the icky-ness seems more contained, which is great.

  4. Congrats on the pregnancy. I hope the morning sickness evens out and you start to feel good every day.


  5. Glad to find your blog from ICLW. You’re about week behind us! Shelby is 10.5 weeks today from IVF/ICSI. Can’t wait to follow your progress!

    -Mr. Shelby

  6. I can’t believe you’re 9.5 weeks — it seems like the time as flown by! (Although probably not so much for you…..)

    I hope the not-just-morning sickness is treating you OK today.

  7. Wow, 91/2 weeks already!

    Get your Bubble sleep 🙂 and I hope the m/s eases upo very soon.


  8. CONGRATS!!!! And, I love the “bubble” term!!! 🙂


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