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NT Scan – Check

Went to the scan this morning. Everything went fine – though they didn’t really say much. Baby is in there. Today measuring 11W6D. That’s one day more ‘catch up’ growth based on the original ER date. The number on the form that gets sent in to determine likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities seemed within normal range based my research and naked eye. Hopefully there will be official results soon.

Mu first OB appointment is tomorrow. I’m 12 weeks tomorrow.

Time flies when your having absolutely no fun at all.

Hopefully the glowing will start soon.

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I’m an NPC

A neurotic panty checker. It’s true. Another round of spotting Sunday-Tuesday. Not fun. Again, seems to be ‘old blood’ (ick) and after a check-up, looks like cervix remains closed but still…I find myself feeling even a hint of a hint of something down there and I rush to the bathroom for an NPC (neurotic panty check.)

Speaking of neurotic, I did rent a doppler (yep, that’s how I roll) and I am thankfully able to find Obi’s heartbeat so I know he’s at least alive in there, even if he’s not thriving. I have my NT scan booked for first thing tomorrow morning so hopefully there will be evidence of thriving at that time.

My clinic had been monitoring a subchronic bleed at my previous ultrasound so I’m really hoping that’s the cause of all the spotting episodes and it’s nothing to worry about and is resolving itself. Like, really, really hoping.

I also hope that Obi looks great in there, has caught up another day and has no indication of chromosomal trouble. That is a lot to hope for.

I also hope nothing sends me in for another NPC before bedtime. I mean enough already.

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Obi is.

Measuring 10w4d today with a heart rate of 148 beats per minute. I have graduated from the RE and am done with hormone support.

The Ultrasound tech had a hard time getting a photo as Obi was flipping and flopping all over the place. Feet were kicking. Hands were waving.

Obi is very much alive.

I so am overwhelmed by the majesty of it all I keep forgetting to breathe.

Being not really one for God, I rarely think about Miracles. I am today.


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One more sleep

It’s been quiet here as I waited, waited, waited for the ultrasound tomorrow. I just couldn’t think about it any more than I needed too, and posting meant thinking and I didn’t have it in me.

We’ll know tomorrow if Obi’s hanging in there or…

I’m not sure I’ll sleep tonight.

Please, please be there Obi.


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