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Halfway between appointments…

If someone could just go ahead and invent the everything’s-gonna-be-alright-o-meter I’d really appreciate it. That way I could know if everything is going to be alright. or mostly everything. Or somethings are going to go wrong but it won’t be that bad. Or maybe it’s ‘brace yourself for the worst’.

I hate not knowing. No knowing if the little person in there who’s consuming my every thought is gonna make it into this world to meet me.


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Playing the Pregnant Card

We went to a sporting event tonight and our seats were in a section in which everyone was standing. Now I’m not very pregnant – but I’m already too pregnant to think standing up for 2 hours is a good idea.

So I marched my bloated, chesty self up to security and requested we get moved to different seats.

After I explained that I wasn’t ‘big bump’ pregnant, we don’t know the sex and no, we weren’t pregnant when we got the tickets – to 3 different people as I got passed from one to another, we got different seats! Ones where we could sit down and see!

Everyone was pretty polite and understanding and the game was great! I know it seems a bit wussy but as far as I’m concerned if you can’t drink delicious stadium beer – you might as well fight for a seat.

In other news my morning sickness is retreating to be morning only. Which is great. And the doc told  me might happen as I approached week 10 – friday…but I’m still worried something is  wrong…



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A normal person

Greetings ICLW’ers! Thanks for stopping by. You can catch up on the long version but the short story is after more than 2 years of trying we got some help ttc. The first option IUI failed x3. But we got lucky with our first IVF. Not ‘got lucky’ as there was none of that. But saw 2 pink lines. We’re 9 1/2 weeks along, have graduated from the RE and can’t wait to meet Bubble.

Now the morning ( yeah right, 9 am-11pm) sickness has been an unwelcome guest to the party. But I have to say, mid-way through this aft, I started to feel like a normal human. That likely means I’m in for a doozy tomorrow but I’m clinging to the hope that this morning sickness can be corralled into ‘morning’.

In other news, my boss’ wife is also expecting…and due the same day! How weird is that? I’ll have to dig further into that in a later post.

This is kind of a lame post – I feel like I invited guests over but didn’t bother to clean house or set the good silver. I’ll write earlier tomorrow – when Bubble isn’t begging for sleep.


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So, um, I’m in this contest to win a car. But I need votes. So I’m here to shamelessly ask you readers to go to the page, register ( I know it’s a lot to ask, but I can win a CAR!) and give my little page the thumbs up.

If you go tonight, you’ll see a sketchy version – the new, updated version is in ‘moderation’. Anyhoo, the whole point is to give creative Canadians the chance to prove that their creativity should be rewarded with a car.

I’m writing a little story in chapters to show off my creative panache? (not sure if it is or it’s not creative, but for a car I’ll take what I can get) – you can go here to check out the story so far. Then head here to vote. As we haven’t told more than a handful of people about the Bubble – we can’t use the “baby’s coming, need another car” line to get people to vote.

And I admit it’s likely a big pain in the ass. But if you could help a girl out – I’d really appreciate it.

In Bubble news same old, same old. Not much is new. I still feel crappy – though not necessarily as crappy as when I was on all the meds. I think I’m putting on some pounds now – I’ll hop on the scale tomorrow and check. And November is seeming a long, long, LONG way off.


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5 Things I want to do with Bubble this time next year

1. Walk the Beach and welcome the warm weather to the city.

2. Take off our shoes in the grass.

3. Sit on the deck in the evening and listen to the sounds of the neighbourhood.

4. Nap with the windows open.

5. Sit on a patio and watch the people.

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Nothing to Report

I really don’t have much to say today. I’m really hoping the end of the hormones will mean I see a decrease in the dreaded all-day sickness and if today is any indication could be the case.

Other than that, the only thing that’s on my mind is my dear Blog Friend Sprog and her terrible news. Sprog, I’ll say it again here. I’m so sorry to hear and my heart goes out to you during this sad, sad time.

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We’ve been released from the RE – and have graduated to being fully in the hands of our OB. The ulrasound today went perfectly. The Bubble is three times the size he was at the last one. His (her) heartbeat was 171 today and he measured 2.1 cm.

Doc says all looks great and we stop the estrace and the prometrium today. I wonder if that will improve my morning sickness? He also said this ultrasound could not look better.

I’ll write more later…must get to work.


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