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So, um, I’m in this contest to win a car. But I need votes. So I’m here to shamelessly ask you readers to go to the page, register ( I know it’s a lot to ask, but I can win a CAR!) and give my little page the thumbs up.

If you go tonight, you’ll see a sketchy version – the new, updated version is in ‘moderation’. Anyhoo, the whole point is to give creative Canadians the chance to prove that their creativity should be rewarded with a car.

I’m writing a little story in chapters to show off my creative panache? (not sure if it is or it’s not creative, but for a car I’ll take what I can get) – you can go here to check out the story so far. Then head here to vote. As we haven’t told more than a handful of people about the Bubble – we can’t use the “baby’s coming, need another car” line to get people to vote.

And I admit it’s likely a big pain in the ass. But if you could help a girl out – I’d really appreciate it.

In Bubble news same old, same old. Not much is new. I still feel crappy – though not necessarily as crappy as when I was on all the meds. I think I’m putting on some pounds now – I’ll hop on the scale tomorrow and check. And November is seeming a long, long, LONG way off.


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5 Things I want to do with Bubble this time next year

1. Walk the Beach and welcome the warm weather to the city.

2. Take off our shoes in the grass.

3. Sit on the deck in the evening and listen to the sounds of the neighbourhood.

4. Nap with the windows open.

5. Sit on a patio and watch the people.

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Nothing to Report

I really don’t have much to say today. I’m really hoping the end of the hormones will mean I see a decrease in the dreaded all-day sickness and if today is any indication could be the case.

Other than that, the only thing that’s on my mind is my dear Blog Friend Sprog and her terrible news. Sprog, I’ll say it again here. I’m so sorry to hear and my heart goes out to you during this sad, sad time.

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We’ve been released from the RE – and have graduated to being fully in the hands of our OB. The ulrasound today went perfectly. The Bubble is three times the size he was at the last one. His (her) heartbeat was 171 today and he measured 2.1 cm.

Doc says all looks great and we stop the estrace and the prometrium today. I wonder if that will improve my morning sickness? He also said this ultrasound could not look better.

I’ll write more later…must get to work.


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Ultrasound #3 Tomorrow

We’ll see what the Bubble is up to tomorrow. I’ve been nervous that the heartbeat the last time was a bit slow (even though I don’t actually know what the heartbeat was – just what husband thought he saw on the ultrasound screen). Not a super accurate way to determine what the heartbeat was but I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

If all is well – not sure if we’ll be all done with the RE or if we’re back for another ultrasound in 2 weeks for our final RE appointment.

We should get our first picture tomorrow…which should be pretty thrilling.

I’m starting to get used to the idea of this working out. I’m coming to terms with feeling sick all the time. I’m managing the worry a little better. So now I’m completely freaked that I’ve jinxed it and going to get bad news.

Please let me be wrong and let us head off into our 9th week without trouble. A no trouble bubble.


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Can I Starve the Bubble?

I’m terrified that Bubble isn’t getting enough to eat. I’m still sick all day long. I try to eat when I can but can barely get through any meal before the sick takes over again. When I see how many servings of everything I’m supposed to be eating I can’t imagine how anyone in this state manages to get that much food in.

I try to eat some from every food group but I just can’t get all that it says I’m supposed to.

Doc day after tomorrow. Guess I’ll see on the ultrasound if all is well.

Any advice out there?


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2 car family?

I’ve been thinking about whether or not we can get away with being a one car family in the future. I believe we’ll be able to maintain our current life once Bubble arrives with just one set of wheels.

Unless we win a new set – which would be SWEET! And, right now, we have a 1 in 10 chance of that happening.

I entered a contest to win a new Nissan as part of a promotion they’re doing here in Canada. And just found out today that I made it into the next round. There are 500 people who’ve been selected. Now I have to prove, on an online space provided by the contest, that I deserve to be one of the 50 people walking away with a new car.

It’s part of a big social marketing campaign in which they’ll give away the cars and then all the people who’ve won them will talk them up to their friends and social network. They need word of mouth advertising and who better to talk about the car than someone who’s proud to have won it on their ‘creative merit’?

I’m still planning what to put on my page, how to get votes and how to get my page to stand out against the competition. I also have to decide whether to play the ‘pregnant’ card.

Should I make it known that with a baby on the way we’ll be out and about – creating memories and hob-knobing with the babyrotti?

Or should I stay as married, no kids, jumping (ha, yeah right) social life, flitting here and there from sporting event to hot nightlife?

Not sure what to do. What I do know is I love contests and this one is going to be fun.

I also know that bringing a person into this world means social responsibility. And am I being responsible by adding another car to our carbon footprint? Even if I win it?

Much to ponder.


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Sleep. Sleep. And More Sleep.

I can’t believe I can sleep as much as I have this weekend. No idea how I’m going to get through the work day tomorrow when all this sleep seemed so necessary over the last could of days. How much you ask?

Well, with naps and night I’ve slept about 12 hours per day on each of the last three days. Tomorrow, I have to get up after 9 short hours and get to work.

I realize that after Bubble comes – I’ll be grateful for 2 or three hours at one time. But these days it seems like I don’t have a choice. Either I get the sleep I need by choice, or it will come for me regardless. (Like at my desk – with my hands on my keyboard – as it did last week.)

I really hope that all I’ve read is true, and that after the first 12 or 13 weeks, sleep isn’t as crucial. Cause I’m not sure this much snoozing is going to work for me in the long term.

Ultrasound Thursday. Hope all is well in there…


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The show – not the feeling. We’ve been pvr’ing it since we started the IVF. For some reason, we got behind then never caught back up. So tonight this post is so late because we had a marathon of lost – maybe 4 episodes…and have 3 to go till we’re caught up. Maybe in the morning. Anyway, so so good.

And it was nice to hang out, and not worry about the Bubble. Have I been able to eat enough? Drink enough? Is Bubble ok in there? It was a fun night of snuggling on the couch. And I didn’t feel too sick. A good time was had by all. It was hard though, to pry ourselves away to go to bed. I suspect days like these are numbered.

I wonder if this is one of the nights I’ll look back on and remember fondly as a night of no responsibility after the Bubble comes into the world?

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Thr great Ice cream debacle

ok, so for those of you who don’t have ibs or lactose intolerance, I’m sorry to have to share this embarrassing story. I won’t be graphic…

Today I decided I would give Lact.aid a try. Now I have an extremely low tolerance for dairy but would really love to get more calcium through natural dairy sources like milk and milk products. Oh, and they just opened a fresh made ice cream shop in my neighbourhood.

I get the Lact.aid. I take one – order and eat the most delicious cup of ice cream I have ever had.

Then head home – (no one should try this experiment far from home) and wait to see if it worked. Normally I know I’ve accidentally ingested dairy about 30 min later.  So I wait. And I wait.

hmmm. no ill effects. It’s looking good. I’m planning a pizza dinner – with real cheese. I’m picturing digging into a grilled cheese sandwich. I can see nachos dancing before my eyes. And oh – look at the time. I have a physio appointment 4.5 hours after the ice cream experiment has been named a success all around.

So I hop in the car. Head off to the physio studio. Hmmm? Is that a little tummy gurgle?

Park the  car. Oh my. Is that a little cramp?

So I get into my appointment. And about 3 min in – just after I explain that it worked! We’re about 8 weeks along. Throwing up has made my back a little sore. Lots of morning sickness… then yikes! Must use loo.

musical interlude.

return to appointment. Ok – where were we?

Oh no – sorry…(blame it on the pregnancy) must go back to loo.

musical interlude.

return to appointment. (now mortified)

hmmm. maybe we’d better call it a day.

I’m just gonna go home…after, you know, a trip to the loo…

musical interlude

I am so glad she’s been my physio for a year because I have to say, if it was someone new I would never have been able to show my face there again.

So home I came. Erased dream of pizza party with natchos for an appetizer and grilled cheese for dessert. In all fairness, it did buy me more time – but apparently didn’t work.

I suppose I’ll try again with a slightly less offensive dairy product and perhaps a slightly larger dose.

Even with all the embarrassment and discomfort- I have to say that was the best damned ice cream I’ve ever had.

Yup. that’s my story for today.


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