10 weeks today

The ten week mark seems like a big deal. A quarter of the way through. A good time to look back…

at 10 Things I Didn’t Know 10 Weeks Ago

1. morning sickness really doesn’t have anything to do with morning.

2. DD isn’t nearly as big as they’re gonna get.

3. Food can be friend or foe. Fav’s can turn foe in an instant. And vice versa.

4. It only takes about 4 weeks until your skinny day jeans are a no go, and your fat day jeans aren’t gonna last long either.

5. Sleeping 12 hours in a day can seem like a reasonable use of your time.

6. Your body is no longer your own long before anyone else can see a change.

7. You can feel joy and fear at the same time 24/7.

8. Miracles happen

9. Sometimes you just have to throw up in what you’ve got to throw up in.

10. You are able to measure a being too small to see. But there is no way to measure the love you feel for it.


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8 responses to “10 weeks today

  1. It is a HUGE deal! I am so excited for you… and I cannot wait to hit (fingers crossed) the ten week mark.

    I love your list and have to agree with so many of them; especially the giganto boobs and growing belly, and the immeasurable love we feel already.

    Big hugs and I am so happy for you!!


  2. Very poignant list-thanks for sharing. Good luck!

  3. congratulations again, you must love hitting all these milestones 🙂

  4. Happy ICLW! And congratulations! I especially like #8.

  5. #7 Stayed with me throughout. It is hard to get excited because you fear everything else.

  6. rosesdaughter

    Happy 10 weeks!!! I just hit 9 weeks, so I know how you feel! I totally agree with #7!

  7. brown-eyed-girl

    This is a great list. Good luck with the next 30 weeks!!

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