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Getting results

We’ve waited and waited for results for Obi.
They finally arrived – one of those pivotal moments in life that redefines everything – spits time into 2 – before and after. I needed to tell some real life people before I could post here, those that read along, but now that’s done.
While I was taking care of that, I wrote a few posts but plunked them up on my other blog (the one that no one really reads) just ’cause I needed to get the words out.

So you can read all about the first few days after diagnosis over here.

When I have more time, I’ll add the posts here so they are all in one place, but I haven’t got a lot of free time these days.

As I was hearing all these things, and feeling all these feelings, I couldn’t help but think about what role IVF plays in all this – apparently it has nothing to do this this diagnosis but I imagine having been on this long journey somehow amplifies all the ‘stuff’ that runs through ones’ mind at times like these. I
haven’t been able to sort through those thoughts, but I’ll post about them soon enough.
This is rambley and disjointed, but that’s how things are these days.
As always, thanks for reading.


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Pity Party – Table for 1 in 20,000

Sorry to have kept you in the dark. I needed to tell real life people before I could post about what’s been happening with Obi.
It’s been a tough month. I’m just now making these drafts live.

Mommydo | Williams Syndrome advocacy & other things mommies do

Sometimes you just need to let your heart be broken for a bit, before you can starting putting it back together again.

We’ve heard from genetics as I mentioned in my last post.

My sweet, perfect tiny baby girl was just that. And when I was talking to the doc, just before he gave me the news, I looked over at her and thought, I need to remember this moment, because right now, you’re not a patient or a diagnosis. You don’t have a label. You’re just my perfect little baby. You have challenges and good days and bad days but that’s all they are. I need to remember this because there will be times when all I see is what they tell me you are and I’ll need to remember this sweet little critter, my Obi, my little peachie pie. Little chicken. Little Miss. Missie Miss.

I knew while…

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