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Secret Chamber

I think there are secret chambers in your heart. You don’t know they’re there until one day you realize you’re feeling a love you never felt before – never knew you could – and viola – a secret chamber has opened.

First pet. First love. The first time your eyes take in a place that completely blows your mind.

And now, for me, every day when I wake up to see a grinning Bubble.

He’s a really good baby. Doesn’t cry unless there’s something up. And so far, nothing’s been up for long.

I knew I’d love him. I was pretty sure I’d like him. I was secretly fearing I’d find myself in one of those situations where you want and want and want and then when you get, you can’t remember why you wanted in the first place…

Well I can say without question – I have never felt this love before – it keeps me up at night. Although there are times I’ll be happy to forget, I have never enjoyed someone more.

I know I’ve become one of those every now and again bloggers and I hope to change that in the future. But right now, every time I try to sit and write a post, there’s a giggle or a grab or notice taken of toes or lights or a toy and I just can’t look away. I’m head over heels.

Completely consumed.

There are hard things about being a mother. Being a stay-at-home mom is lonely at times. Giving up your career for a year is humbling at times. Starting at the little critter you love as he screams and not knowing what to do is heartbreaking at times. Not being able to get anything done in a day except play-mat time and bouncy leg is frustrating at times.

But every second spent in this secret chamber of my heart is the most exceptional second ever.


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