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Back in the Game

For those who followed the journey to bring the Bubble into the world – thank you for being there for me as I waded through the world of IVF for the first time.

That brought us the Bub – the bestest thing that has ever, ever happened to me.

And though I said I would never, ever, ever, ever go through it again, after getting to know the Bub I can’t just call it quits.


That was then. This is now.  I have to know if I’ll have the chance to feel the Bliss the Bub brought again. Does lightening strike twice?

We’ve set the appointment with our clinic. We’re going in. Again.

I have no idea how this one will go. How it’s going to feel. Where my heat will be. I do know I won’ t make it without this little place to figure it out.

So if  you’re still reading. If you’re still here…Hang on. Here we go.

I guess this time it’s the truth about IVF after one sucess.

Our appointment is March 11. Less than 6 weeks from now.

And with that, we’re back in the game.



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