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Bouncing Baby Bubble

I just wrote a long post and lost it…now bub needs to eat. I’ll recreate tomorrow but I’ll add the photos now.

Sorry for the tease…



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Bubble is Here

Just wanted to write a quick post to let you know Bubble has arrived! He was born at 4:31 am on Monday the 16th weighing 7 lbs 1 ounce. He’s adorable and already has little quirks. Like ‘sleeping at night is for sissies’. I’m running on about 8 hours of shut eye since his arrival – and haven’t even downloaded pics to this laptop yet.

I promise to update fully tomorrow.

I guess this IF turned pregnancy blog will have to shift once again. I hope the story doesn’t end here – and that you’ll join me on this new adventure.



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Packing the bag pt 2

It’s not easy to pack a hospital bag.

But last week, during a ‘did my water just break’ scare, we managed just fine in about 25 min. After a 3 hour trip to maternal triage – it was determined that my water had not broken (nor had I wet my pants in Starbucks) but I had a rather pronounced increase in secretions. Yuck.

The one thing that didn’t make it in were the cloth diapers I have been diligently pre-washing. They hadn’t had enough washing yet to be ready to go. I think by the end of the day today they’ll be all set.

The other big news is I’m finished work. Not exactly sure what I’m going to go until Bubble gets here – but I should have time (oodles of time) to update here on the progress of BubbleWatch 2009 and decide to decide how to proceed with the blog once he’s here.

I can’t even express how excited I am to meet him.



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