Pity Party – Table for 1 in 20,000

Sorry to have kept you in the dark. I needed to tell real life people before I could post about what’s been happening with Obi.
It’s been a tough month. I’m just now making these drafts live.

Mommydo | Williams Syndrome advocacy & other things mommies do

Sometimes you just need to let your heart be broken for a bit, before you can starting putting it back together again.

We’ve heard from genetics as I mentioned in my last post.

My sweet, perfect tiny baby girl was just that. And when I was talking to the doc, just before he gave me the news, I looked over at her and thought, I need to remember this moment, because right now, you’re not a patient or a diagnosis. You don’t have a label. You’re just my perfect little baby. You have challenges and good days and bad days but that’s all they are. I need to remember this because there will be times when all I see is what they tell me you are and I’ll need to remember this sweet little critter, my Obi, my little peachie pie. Little chicken. Little Miss. Missie Miss.

I knew while…

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  1. Oh god I’m so sorry.

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