Still Stuck

It’s been quite a day around here. There was much stick peeing and nervous giggling. The line is darker on the pink line one. There is a faint blue cross on the blue cross one. And, the digital one said the P word.

Beta is moved up to Monday.

Please, please sticky stick.

I have feelings this way and that about finding myeslf here but it’s late.

I’ll post a more in-depth dive into those tomorrow.



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9 responses to “Still Stuck

  1. I am so excited for you to test!!! My beta is tomorrow and I’ve had a similar “pregnancy” as you with the whole IVF 2ww. I hope all goes well for us.

  2. CeCe Garrett

    Whoooooop! I will hold my formal congrats until you have your beta… when you have had time to exhale and rejoice… but I might be doing a little lap top dance right now. SO maybe its a clapping and slightly louder laptop dance… but yeah… Im thrilled for you.

  3. OMG!! I am so excited for you…the elusive pink line and even the “P” word. I am hoping and praying that the Beta brings joyous confirmation and that things proceed swimmingly from there!

  4. I’m totally thrilled for you and sending loads of lovely sticky vibes.

  5. S.

    saw your news on LFCA, congratulations!!!! 😀

    (i peed on many, many sticks too!)

  6. Hanging in there with you! Monday can’t come soon enough, I’m sure!

  7. Awesome pee-stick news! Good luck with your beta…it will be great!

  8. YAY!!!!!!! such great news! you know? I’ve seen the second line in commercials and in photos, but never in real life. I love the fact you peed on so many– HURRAH and wishing you sticky healthy fabulous luck!

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