Well I’ll be damned…

There are two lines hidden in those stupid sticks. I know because against better judgment  – knowing it’s really REALLY early – I peed on one today.

And low and behold there it was. The other pink line. I sort of thought it was a cosmic joke – that there was no other line and no one was telling me it was all a big hoax.

Apparently not. I just sucked until now.

The forum that I belong to has a number of girls with Beta’s in March and they were peeing up a storm today. And I thought I had willpower. And that I would hold out. And that because I knew it was really to early to see anything that I was just setting myself up for a big letdown.

Then as I was making dinner, I was searching for a seldom used ingredient in a seldom used cupboard, I came across the stash of sticks that I’ve been collecting. I buy a box when they’re on sale out of habit. Well, with 4 months on the BCP, I have quite a collection. So I took them out and piled them on the stairs to carry up to our loo.

Well, then they were staring at me – and staring at me. And finally just as Idol was coming on I asked husband if he though it would be so bad if I  – you know – just one. He’d barely sputtered out an answer and I had the box open and was racing up the stairs.

I’m sure glad I did.

Now I know that there are about a million little milestones between a premature pee stick and baby. And I know that it’s so early this blip on the radar could be gone as early as tomorrow.

But tonight – for the first time – I head off to bed pee-stick pregnant.

I’ll test again in the morning to see if it’s getting any more…pink. Or if it’s back to one pink line.

I just can’t believe it. The bubblebabies may be staying longer than I imagined, and if I’m really lucky, longer than I ever thought possible.



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15 responses to “Well I’ll be damned…

  1. sprogblogger

    Oh, congratulations!!!

  2. OMGOSH!!!!!! I am so freggin excited for you!!! I have 2 more days to wait and I am so much more hopeful now! I hope those bubblebabies continue to stay and that they stay for a good 36+ weeks!


  3. Sil

    Oh sweetie, I am so excited for you. And I must confess, I knew you wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer =) But wow, I’m speechless. And I also remember quite well the hour that E and I sat in bed staring at those 2 lines trying to imagine how it was possible we could have made them after so many months of not.

  4. Right ON! Stick, bubblebabies, stick!


    stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.stay. stay. stay.

    and all of that.

    Crossed. Everything is crossed. Sending good vibes across the earth!

  6. That is great news. fingers crossed for the line getting darker!!

  7. The Barreness

    Oh YAY! Congratulations, and well done that girl! It’s a strange feeling, that first positive after so long. Now just think sticky thoughts!

  8. Kymberli

    Wow! Huge congratulations to you. Darkening lines and great betas PLEASE! 🙂

  9. awakeintheworld

    Sticky thoughts, sticky thoughts…

  10. this is fantastic news!
    And, if I counted right, not too early at all.
    I hope you keep getting darker lines(don’t freak if one isn’t darker, but is still there, batches can vary). Congratulations!

  11. Shannon

    Wahhooo! So exciting. Sticky vibes all around!

  12. What a wonderful thing…here’s to hoping I get to join you in this celebration!

  13. This is so wonderful!!!!! Wow, wow, wow. Hoping that things continue healthy and strong!

  14. I know it’s early, but woweee! What an amazing milestone to be pee stick pregnant. Congratulations.

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