The hosptial food menu should not include fish…

Hopefully Obi and I will be able to go home tomorrow after a night of observation in the hospital. I have a feeling they tell people one night so they don’t freak out, then let them know longer once they’ve made some arrangements and gotten used to the idea, but I could just be paranoid.

Flunked my NST (non-stress-test – the belly monitors) today, with the baby’s heart rate dropping during contractions. Haven’t heard the details on my BPP (bio physical profile ultrasound).

Sounds like going to work is out – though working from home seems to be a-ok, at this point. I would like to finish my current projects so I’m hoping I’m cleared to do so tomorrow.

Whether it’s hospital bedrest, strict bedrest at home or modified bedrest at home remains to be seen.

I’m mostly in the ‘better safe than sorry’ camp and will do whatever it takes. But a small part of me is ba-humbugging over my fav, fav, fav time of the year being hijacked by yet another ‘can’t have a baby like a normal person’ moment.

Of course, I would do ANYTHING for the baby. I’ve already been to hell and back. What’s a few more weeks? But I am sad to miss out on the holiday season. I already made cookies with Bubble because I knew I might not be doing my regular bake-fest. I’ve done a lot of shopping and online-gifts-come-wrapped ordering. But this weekend was tree/outside lights/wrapping/card doing/santa hat wearing weekend and I’m not sure I’ll be there for any of it. Sigh.

Early delivery is guaranteed. It appears that 35 weeks is looking more likely than 37 at this point. Steroid shots are on-board in case even 34 is a stretch. That means baby will be here in less than 3 weeks. She and Santa are in a race. Bubble will likely be getting a baby sister for Christmas.

Not sure how I’ll fit her into the advent calendar.



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2 responses to “The hosptial food menu should not include fish…

  1. Thinking of you and your baby girl. I hope it’s just one night and you can go home to celebrate the season with Bubble before his little sister arrives!

  2. Checking every day. Hope all is well.

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