More Worries, or a one friend puts it, “why can’t you catch a frickin’ break?”

Wee Obi is just that.
Quite wee.

Measuring 2.5 weeks behind at last ultrasound one week ago today. She’s just shy of the 10th percentile and she’s been flagged for suspected IUGR.


So we start weekly ultrasounds this and every tuesday until delivery. When I asked my OB to talk to me about possible outcomes – best and worst case scenarios – he told me to think in terms of milestones. Right now, we want to make it to 34 weeks without having to deliver early due to lack of consistent growth. She will be monitored closely and if there are signs she should come out, they’ll administer the steroid shots and induce or c-section. If we get to 34 weeks, the new milestone will be 36 weeks – New Years Day. By then, her lungs should be mature. From there, we’ll look at going all the way.
Any dip in her percentile or signs of distress and she’ll “be better out than in”.

Wrapping my head around all that means, packing the hospital bag this weekend to prepare for the worst case, coming to terms with the thought of possibly meeting Obi before the holidays and spending Christmas in the NICU, hoping for the best and setting my sights on that first milestone.

Wishing we could catch a freakin’ break.



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2 responses to “More Worries, or a one friend puts it, “why can’t you catch a frickin’ break?”

  1. I am so sorry to hear that Melanie. Sending you growth-related vibes x

  2. Nobody wants less than perfect news during their pregnancy. It sucks that you’re facing an early induction or C-section and possible NICU time. Pregnancies that are so hard earned should only be allowed to be all smooth sailing. Take how ever long you need to be pissed about this, but then remember you already caught the biggest break ever. This little girl is completing the family you wanted. That is amazing. Best of luck!

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