I’m an NPC

A neurotic panty checker. It’s true. Another round of spotting Sunday-Tuesday. Not fun. Again, seems to be ‘old blood’ (ick) and after a check-up, looks like cervix remains closed but still…I find myself feeling even a hint of a hint of something down there and I rush to the bathroom for an NPC (neurotic panty check.)

Speaking of neurotic, I did rent a doppler (yep, that’s how I roll) and I am thankfully able to find Obi’s heartbeat so I know he’s at least alive in there, even if he’s not thriving. I have my NT scan booked for first thing tomorrow morning so hopefully there will be evidence of thriving at that time.

My clinic had been monitoring a subchronic bleed at my previous ultrasound so I’m really hoping that’s the cause of all the spotting episodes and it’s nothing to worry about and is resolving itself. Like, really, really hoping.

I also hope that Obi looks great in there, has caught up another day and has no indication of chromosomal trouble. That is a lot to hope for.

I also hope nothing sends me in for another NPC before bedtime. I mean enough already.


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