Dear Obi

Today you measure 8W1D and your heart is beating like a champ. You are now only 3 days behind as you’ve grown a week and a day since last Monday.

If we hadn’t seen you till now, we would never have been on pins and needles. The ultrasound tech at the clinic wouldn’t refer to you as our current miracle baby. Today would have been a typical first ‘8 week’ ultrasound (give or take) and everything would have been in the acceptable range.

The doctor said that you’re perfectly normal today but that we’ll have another look in two weeks, just because we know…

If that ultrasound looks good he says we can be pretty confident that we’ll make it through the first trimester.

I asked the doctor what we would have seen if we’d gone to blast stage in the lab. Because we just had 2, we would have transferred what we had, but we likely wouldn’t have had high hopes for you. You would probably have been a bit behind right from the start. If we had many eggs, we likely would have overlooked you, as you likely wouldn’t have made it to freeze and certainly wouldn’t have looked like our best chance for a baby.

But here we are. Against all odds it seems like you’re doing just fine. At least for today. If you really do become an actual, real life, in my arms baby, I hope this ability to overcome somewhat underwhelming odds becomes a part of who you are. You’re pretty impressive. You know, for something the size of a gummy bear.

I really hope I get to meet you in about 31 weeks.



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2 responses to “Dear Obi

  1. Magsy

    Yippeee!!! I’m rooting for you, Obi!!
    I’ve got my own “almost didn’t see the heart beat/several spotting episodes after a miscarriage” situation…and I’m at 11 weeks, 2 days…I feel your anxiety and hope you get to meet that wonderful underdog in 31 weeks!

  2. Lisa

    I hope so, too. Great news!

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