Yesterday was another ‘work from home’ day as there was more spotting. Just one day. Not red. But seriously, I’m not really enjoying living day by day here. Olive measured no larger than 7w6d on the ultrasound that caught our missed miscarriage last summer. Given that yesterday was 8w/8w1d depending on how you’re counting I was not amused.

I have no idea what we’ll see at our weekly “is this thing gonna work out or isn’t” ultrasound on Monday.

We’ll be just about 8.5 weeks. Maybe Obi will be floating around in there, heart beating way, measuring 8w-8w3or4d.

Sadly, I’m not holding out much hope that will be the case.

I’m more of an in or out kind of person. This ‘wait and see’ and ‘touch and go’ – it’s too much.




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