Did you know they just pee and that’s it?

Seriously, I was talking to someone who revealed she’s pregnant – 5weeks – and she told me the drill when you get a bun in the oven the old fashionedway. First off, she peed on exactly 1 stick. Then,she made a doctors appointment and they had her pee on a stick to confirm. PEE ON A STICK? What about beta numbers? What about the first ultrasound? What about the next ultrasound?

How will she know what the hell is going on? 

I asked…hoping the panic in my voice was adequately concealed.

She answered that you just wait till between 10 and 12 weeks for your ultrasound.

I very nearly had a heart attack. I peed on an extra stick just to calm my own nerves.

Then Irealized that feel a bit jyped that I’ll never get to know what it’s like to trust that it’s just going to work out. That’s kind of sad.

Repeat beta tomorrowHope itI goes a-ok.


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One response to “Did you know they just pee and that’s it?

  1. Mo

    I once had a conversation with my yoga instructor, who has two kids. This was during trying for my third pregnancy. I told her about getting betas done. She asked: what are betas? I patted her head and sighed. Silly fertiles.

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