Sorry to have left you hangin’

I saw the faintest line – still a squinter, 6dp3dt on Friday and figured it was just the trigger. After January’s fiasco (where we had squinters on and off for 4 days following the neg. showing the trigger was out then nothing but a snow white window beside the control line) I needed to know that wasn’t happening again.

When I tested Friday PM the line was clear but still light. Saturday morning my husband (who really needs glasses) could see it clearly. I was able to photograph it easily.

I emailed my RE to double check if when he thought the trigger was out – I didn’t want to take any chances getting my hopes up to have them all crushed. Although, at this point, I think someone handing me a baby that I just pushed out of my own self would make me think – well this could still go wrong. Anyhoo, he confirmed that he believed the trigger would be out – likely for a day or two. Yesterday evening it was darker still as it was this am. Still not as dark as the control line but clear as a bell.

So I couldn’t resist going out and buying one of these.


I’m going to strong arm my RE into moving my beta up from Friday. For 2 reasons. 1. If I go Friday, I’ll have to wait until Monday for repeat beta. 2. I would like to be able to save 2 days worth of pee stick $$.

Obi and or Wan seem to be sticking people.

Let’s collectively hold hands and hope it continues for the long, worry-filled haul.


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  1. What wonderful news! I’m grinning from ear to ear after seeing that HPT.

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