Obi and Wan

I finally have a few minutes to post about how I’m feeling about all the crazy up and down this past week. I was so, so expecting to have a crazy (for me) number of eggs. Unfortunately that was not the case. So we got the 5 which made me feel like it would be ok…until I heard that only 2 made it though.

I was fully expecting them to perish overnight. When I got the call that they’d made it though, I was too stunned to speak to the nurse.

So then the 3dt was set…and I got a call from my RE late the night before to see if I was interested in seeing if they’d make it to day 5.

After the long chat and the decision to stick with day 3 I felt pretty good about it.

But now that it’s past and I’m in the ‘WAIT’ I’m wondering if I made the right decision. There’s the extra couple of days wait, the uncertainty that comes from not knowing if they’ve made it to blast stage.

I’ve said over and over again that I’m ready no matter the outcome but I’m now I’m not so sure. Bah.

Anyway – I’ve named them Obi and Wan. You know that part in star wars? When Princess Leia leans into R2 D2 and gives him the hologram? She says “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi – you’re my only hope.” That pretty much sums it up for these 2.

Help me Obi and Wan – you’re my only hope…


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  1. Thinking of you during the 2WW. Our day 5 transfer was unsuccessful, but our day 3 transfer was wildly successful. Here’s to hoping your body, like mine, is a better incubator than the petri dish. Love to you, Obi & Wan.

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