Don’t count your chickens…

So despite some awesome looking numbers, today’s outcome was no better than the previous cycle. Except that it contained one confusing aspect. We had a number of follicles that would not give up the egg. When I researched this today I learned there is a rather uncommon situation where the egg – usually of poor quality, sicks to the follicle wall and cannot be retrieved.

It seems that these eggs likely wouldn’t fertilize and if they didn’t, wouldn’t divide appropriately, and if they did, wouldn’t implant and if they did, would more likely than not end in miscarriage. So really, if that’s the case, I’d rather the follicle keep them.

We did get 5 little eggies. Tomorrow we’ll know if any fertilized and survived the night.

Hopefully somebody will hang in there. If not, the journey ends here.



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One response to “Don’t count your chickens…

  1. Lisa

    Thinking of you and hoping you got good news today.

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