So here we go again…

I can’t believe I’m home from my first cycle monitoring appointment of my FOURTH ivf. I tell you, if you had told me 4 years ago I’d be here, I’d never have believed you.

Life is just plain CRAZY.

Do you know what else is crazy? Sitting in front of the weekend nurse who’s flipping through your chart, reading your “IVF not likely to succeed” letter from your RE while she’s telling you about your ultrasound. (success rate >10%)

The ultrasound during which it was discovered that you have 20 resting follicles.
Oh yes. You heard that right 20 RESTING FOLLICLES.

Just so you don’t have to go flipping back through time, the 1st IVF cycle we had 10 (then had Bubble). The second we had 6 (then a missed miscarriage of sweet Olive). The third we had 11 and a chemical pregnancy (a pregnancy that I detected by pee stick in the AM then went to work and got fired that afternoon then watched it fizzle out over 3 more days of sticks till it was gone).
This “micro-flare protocol” cycle started long before today with 8 kinds of supplements, acupuncture, Saizen (a growth hormone) and no suppression.
And if the internet tells the truth, (and that’s a big IF) the success rate in clinical studies (measuring live birth rate in women my age) is 57% with that count compared to between 12-31% for previous counts.

I get that there are lots of other factors at play and it’s a long road from there to retrieval but I have to say this makes me feel this “longshot” cycle is off to a positive start. It’s just one tiny victory in a series of battles.
But I’ll take it.


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  1. Fingers tightly crossed for you. So far it sounds promising! Good luck!

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