Passing the Time

Hey hey, I see people have been checking in but I haven’t really had much to say. I had a horrific cold/cough/sore throat which put a damper on my supplements as I couldn’t really swallow. But I’m back on the regime and I’m still not 100% sure but I’m keeping on track so my options are open.

In the meantime, I’m starting a new blog. I have realized I need to spend some time focusing on being a Mom and not just trying to be a Mom. So if you feel like getting to know that part of my life better, skip on over to mommydo and have a look. I’m still filling content and working on some things. I haven’t spread the word there’s anything there. It feels a little light – but I suppose after baring my soul here for almost 3 years, recipes and sewing projects would seem a little light.
I’ll still be posting here from time to time. But as this in-between plods along there might be more there than here.
Hope everyone else is well.

If you have a moment, drop on over to see Mo @ Mommyodyssy. She recently lost her boy Nadav at 23 weeks.

Gotta go take some more vits.

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One response to “Passing the Time

  1. I’ve done the same – moved on to a mummy blog because I feel like I need to focus on what we have – not what we’ve lossed/missed. I’m over at although, like you I’ll probably occasionally post on my old blog if we ever gear up to cycle again.

    I wish things were different for both of us.

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