So a big part of saying yes to trying again is committing to a rather long list of vitamins and supplements for a min of 8 weeks. To cycle sooner rather than later the supplements need to start today. Yesterday.

And it means living the next cycle every day until it starts. No break. No “take time to think about it”. Another 2-3 month commitment to try again.

But if we don’t start them now, and we decide we do want to try again, that cycle will wait for the 8+weeks of supplements to be done.

This would be the “we did everything we could” cycle so not taking the doc’s advice and skipping this step would allow doubt to creep in. Which is not an option.

The whole thing started out hard and just gets harder doesn’t it?

If we’re going to go again, the cycle starts today.

And I suppose we could start then call it off later.

But I can’t help but wonder how I’ll feel at the end of the next one?

I guess there’s no way to supplement hope.



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2 responses to “Supplements

  1. Miho_She

    Things change with time. Views change. Miracles happen. Do not be afraid of failure, because as a matter of fact next try may be success. More hope will come with time. Miracles happen. I know. Wishing you the best!
    I am just finishing my second ICSI with 4.71 beta on 10 day after transfer on day 3. This seemed to me as negative, but doc said it is not over, so tomorrow I am testing again.. and.. I am ready for the negative, but yet.. believe in miracles.
    Otherwise, we are thinking of adoption…

  2. onavermonthilltop

    I am wondering what you decided. Either way, I hope there is some peace.

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