I think we were and we’re not…

Here’s my current theory. I tested positive (very Very VERY faint) Thurs AM – 5dp3dt. Then I went to work and got fired. I tested positive Friday 1 pm. (very Very VERY faint) I tested neg Saturday AM but (very Very VERY faint)positive 1pm Saturday. I tested in the PM with Clear Blue and seemed to get a faint + (the faint line was the same thickness as the cross line). I tested Sunday am neg on FRER, another faint positive on CLear Blue (HIGHLY SUSPECTED OF FALSE POSITIVES BY THE INTERNET) – and I nearly barfed at 5pm – the same time my morning sickness started in my first 2 pregnancies. I think we were pregnant, then I got fired and I lost it. Or we got pregnant with 2, I got fired and lost one and the other one has not given up the line yet. I have all the regular “Is it progesterone or is it pregnancy symptoms – sore bo.obs, meat smell aversion, insomnia, left side pulling and random cramping. I have to pee about twice as much. But I don’t have a damned line on the FRER. So although option 2 is possible. I think it was option 1.
And now that I don’t have a job to keep me occupied, I have nothing to do but fret about it.
I’m actually not even sad about the job. But if losing the job made me lose the pregnancy I’m PISSED.


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2 responses to “I think we were and we’re not…

  1. onavermonthilltop

    Sounds like the worst day ever. I hope you get a definite positive.

  2. Lisa

    Sorry to hear about losing your job. That’s gotta be a furiously stressful thing to go through in the 2ww. I still think it’s too early to know for sure. I had such a faint line at 7dp5dt, and you’re only 8dp3dt, right? Seems awfully early to start losing hope. Hang in there.

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