First one down…

Pee stick that is. I wanted to test to see if the trigger is out of my system so yesterday before I went to bed I tore open the first of what is likely to be many slender white sticks.
The trigger is still there as there was a very faint line. I assume if (who are we kidding? When…)I test tonight there will be nothing but tumbleweeds blowing through that half of the peestickwindow.

Yep. Nothing to do during this wait but hang around wait until my bladder is full enough to try again.
Ok – we’re not quite to that point yet. But I can’t say for sure that we won’t be there come Friday night.

The days slink by. I’ll check in tomorrow with the latest findings.

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One response to “First one down…

  1. Nic

    I used to pee on a stick a lot during the 2ww, I now can’t do it. The empty space is too upsetting. I prefer to wait, pretend all is ok and enjoy being PUPO. Last cycle I did not even want to test on my official test date as I knew it would shatter what little hope I had! I think it funny how we are all different and cope during this 2ww. Let’s hope we both have a positive outcome. Good luck

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