Cross the fingers on both hands

We transferred 2 perfect 8-cell embryos. And now we wait. again. Seems there is ten times more waiting this time.

We’re still in the game. Might be time to let a little in.



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4 responses to “Cross the fingers on both hands

  1. Eva

    Hurray (she said quietly so as not to sound too hopeful). This is where you wanted to be today, yes? Though I’m sorry about all the stress leading up to today — and after today. I’ve been checking all day of course, so thanks for the update.

  2. Mo

    congrats on being PUPO!
    Crossing all appendages.

  3. Elle

    I hope everything works out for you and you get a ++ soon! Thank you for posting your blog. Reading through your post has comforted me, and made me laugh durning this whole stressful process… This is our 1st attempt and I am triggering tomorrow.
    Hopeful for you,

  4. Magsy

    I am sooooo cheering for you. Just found out we lost our little last week at 9 weeks, and your blog has brought me great sadness, comfort and hope. Fingers crossed!

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