Would you Rather

My hub and I had a brief discussion yesterday when I was still quite high. A “would you rather” type of talk about a day 3 transfer vs a day 5. Would you rather get the call from the lab that they didn’t make it to day 5 to transfer or transfer day 3 and get a BFN 2 weeks later? Would you rather get a BFP and lose the baby like we did with Olive or not have any to transfer? Would you rather get lots of eggs, go confidently into transfer and find there was no good quality to transfer or only have a few and spend everyday stressing till the transfer only to find you had one that was pretty good? Would you rather have sex and make a baby or have sex until you’ve ruined sex with all the expectations that aren’t being met, not get a baby, refinance your house, only have a few eggs, worry yourself sick etc? In that one, I’d take option A. The rest? Well, is there a right answer?

One of the 3 eggs retrieved yesterday did not fertilize so we’re working with a team of 2. Just 2. We’re heading into a day 3 transfer as there’s no point waiting to see if they survive till day 5 when we’d be putting both back at that point anyway. So if they survive the night and the night after that, we’ll be back to the clinic at 8 am Friday morning.

Chance and Fin and Pip minus one.

Does luck even matter at this point?


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