Slow going

The one truth about IVF I always forget until I’m in the thick of it is that’s it’s a “hurry up and wait” kind of thing.
All these sweet little resting follicles and only 3 on the move. Sigh.
The others better step it up or we’re gonna hurry up and get canceled.
On the up side, this has given me lots of time to name my little fellas. If you note here I’m a big fan of naming the team. Makes me feel they’re more likely to make it to the end somehow. So in the spirit of our last go, the 4 follies currently on the radar have been dubbed Chance, Fin, Hope and Pip. Why Pip? because Gandalf says to Pippin in The Lord Of the Rings when asked if there’s much hope for Frodo and Sam “There never was much hope. Just a fools hope.”
That’s kind of where I’m at. I have a fools hope this will work.
Come on Pip, Fin, Hope and Chance. It’s time.


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