The Cheese Stands Alone

I was realizing as I was sitting waiting for my first blood work and ultrasound, just how lonely this whole process it. Despite friends on and off-line along the way, real life friends who have various levels of understanding and even a supportive partner, it’s just you feeling all these feelings.
Needles and ultrasounds and meds and mixing and stressing and holy fuck there’s a heavy load to carry.
They need to find some kind of friendly pack animal to share the burden. A seeing IVF dog perhaps. Monitoring Monkey? Cyclellama?

Today the cycle monitoring went long and the regular patients started filing in for ultrasounds. The ones who were in my shoes last month and are now 6 and 8 weeks along. The ones who are me from 6 months ago. They all looked so friggin’ happy.
The Cheese stands alone.


Along with the fromage, it turns out there are 11 resting follicles. !!. 11.
In June there were 6. Almost twice as many.
Of course, other than you internetters, I have no one to tell at this moment.

The injections start tomorrow.

For those who’ve been paying attention since the start, ivf #1 had 10 resting. So – best yet! Bah – stupid hope.



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3 responses to “The Cheese Stands Alone

  1. janice

    Aww, I think I just made such a great impression cycling with you on IVF 1.

    I wish I could be there each step of the way. I am cheering you on though

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