some days suck more than others…

and today was one of them.
It was just…off. My work self was off. I had people coming at me all day at the office asking how I’m ‘hanging in’ – some know the whole story, others thought I was off sick. I went to a baby shower – thankfully for a male colleague so it could have been worse. I went to my physio clinic for a massage and my physiotherapist who I haven’t seen for a while is super pregs. Which I should have been fully and not half-hearted happy about, but having just come from a baby shower I was all out of grace. Then my Olive necklace finally arrived – sporting the name Oliver. Sheesh. Back it goes.
Too much for one day. too much.
I think I’ll have a little cry and hope for brighter skies tomorrow.


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One response to “some days suck more than others…

  1. sprogblogger

    Ugh days like that are bad enough during a normal time, but right now? Yeah. Just TOO too much. Thinking of you.

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