Three words for you – E Norm Ous

I’m giant. For a six weeks preg woman I am huge. I’m bloaty and apparently my digestive system is really working cause it’s slooooow.
And when I bend and stretch and move alot I get a pulling ache on my left side.
So when you google the combo of extra big for how far along and pulling pain with movement only bad things come up. So off to the clinic I went.
First, not ectopic. Second – not an entire team of little bubblebeans in there causing me to expand at an alarming rate.
One little bubble2 – measuring right on schedule (it was too early for heartbeat) and apparently 2 very swollen ovaries. They gave me many warnings about avoiding activities that might twist said swollen ovaries and also a warning that if I did find myself in extreme pain and take myself to emerge, to warn whoever is looking after me about said ovaries as they would undoubtedly be taken aback by the size.
I’m left wondering how big is big. Because I am enormous.
Like, can’t wear me pants, sticks out so people who know want to pat it enormous. ick.


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One response to “Three words for you – E Norm Ous

  1. The Barreness

    Does that mean they think you’ve hyperstimulated, or are the globe-like ovaries completely unrelated? On the upside, glad to hear Bubble2 is still sticking in there!

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