Dum de dum dum

Just passing time until our first ultrasound. Which is hard because I seem to be passing time by making plans, thinking of names and re-arranging furniture in my mind. It’s hard not to think past the 19th to, oh, the time between now and say, college. One day at time. One day at a time.

Dear Bubble2,

Please keep doing what you’re doing. Please grow and thrive and develop and keep on keeping on. We have super fun times at our house and we’re really hoping you’ll join the party in about 35 weeks.

Love your mommy and daddy and Bubble1



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2 responses to “Dum de dum dum

  1. Yay for all the good news! Hoping there’s lots more of it to come.

  2. Hope you’re doing OK with the wait. All the waiting involved with all this is so incredibly hard!

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