Double Time

So beta 2 doubling right on schedule. On Thurs it was 129. Today it’s 517. According to the calculator I plugged the #’s into the doubling rate is 1.9999999 days. Which is perfect.

The likelihood of twins is small – so double beta, not double babies – as we would likely have seen an accelerated increase in the beta but one healthy Bub was the goal so no need to dwell on that.

It’s always sad for me to think of the lost embryo – transferred but will never come to be. But I cannot for one minute feel sorry for myself when so many others mourn failed cycles month after month and we are 2 betas closer to a take home bubble2.

Appointment for ultrasound will be scheduled for week after next.

I am also growing double time. I already look 4 months pregs. I have only one pair of pants that fit and I have an enormous bloated tummy.

Hopefully that space will be more baby than bloaty when perfect strangers decide it’s a-ok to pat my middle. my fingers are crossed.



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2 responses to “Double Time

  1. The Barreness

    Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay! Yay for feeling fat in pants, and worrying about work noticing, and not being able to eat soft cheese, poached eggs or smoked salmon. Because, yay baby! Well done!!!!

  2. Here from Cyclesista. Congrats! And wishing you all the best.

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