All you need is cheese…

I have a non-stop insatiable craving for cheese. I can’t get enough. This long weekend I’ve had mac’n (goat cheddar)cheese. Broccoli with (goat cheddar) sauce X 2, tuna melt (goat mozzarella) and natchos – oh, and cheetos and a cheeseburger.
As a lactose intolerant person, I don’t eat regular eat cheese-though I do have alternative cheese that’s quite yummy. Still, I seldom have it. And never think about it.
Man oh man – right now I can’t live without it. As soon as I’m done I’m pre-planning my next adventure with cheese!
My last pregnancy I was so sick I could barely eat anything – Subway veggie sub with extra pickles. Hold the cheese. It was my staple for months.

Second beta tomorrow. Pee stick lines are now much darker than the control lines. Should be good news. Still nerve wracking though. Perhaps a nice piece of cheese would make me feel better?


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  1. Erin

    That is so funny that I had to delurk. With my DD 2.5 years ago I ate nonstop veggie subway with extra pickles. Sometimes I ate it for lunch and dinner and would go to 2 different subways to avoid the awkwardness! Just had a boy 3 months ago and ate white cheese nonstop! Congrats on your pregnancy! Thanks for your blog, enjoy reading.

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