First, I’m an idiot. Then heave ho.

I’d like to start by saying – I’m an idiot.
Friday, 3dp5dt, after work I was home ‘resting’ when husband and the bub went to the park. That means I laying down as I goo.gled symptoms (like the 4-6 queasys), others experiences, how soon is too soon to POAS…when lo and behold, I find an entire section of the int.ernet that believes it’s never to early. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE. So I run upstairs, rummage through a box in the ‘guest room’ who’s only guest is the great pile of crap we’ve amassed in there, grab a pee stick, pee, see a second line, then promptly run back downstairs and what that means. Triplets?
Anyhoo, before you get half as excited/full of dread/excited as I was, Saturday morning I went to do another and realized I’d rummaged up expired ovulation predictor kit sicks, peed anyway to find there was no line yesterday, and it was just the trigger leaving my system.

Of course, then I went out and bought good pee sticks. Came home. NOTHING. Boo.

Then – to add insult to not pregnant injury, after Bub’s soccer (yes, my 19 mo old is in a soccer program – hilarious) we thought we’d go for a nice walk through the – on the street, not the boardwalk. Well, isn’t it lobsterfest at a restaurant? If you’ve read earlier posts from preg. #1, you might recall horrific morning (which really meant on the edge of puking all day long for 19 weeks straight) sickness. And lobsterfest would have had me yakking on the sidewalk. And just about did yesterday too. I couldn’t believe how close I came to tossing my cookies about 2 feet from lobster-loving restaurant patrons. Felt gross for like – an hour.

So of course, came home, peed again – nada. All puke. No prego. Spent like 20 bucks peeing for nothing.

This morning…if you have nice new glasses like mine and the right light, you can def see that second line! 5dp5dt. 2 lines! Woo. Whoooo. Very cautiously very happy. Gotta run. I’m gonna need more sticks!


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4 responses to “First, I’m an idiot. Then heave ho.

  1. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Yay! Congratulations! I’ve been following along but not commenting because commenting on my phone drives me batty but couldn’t miss this. Oh after it taking so long to get moving you must be thrilled with this!

    My 17month old is in a soccer program too, how freakin’ cute is it!?! I love watching him get all excited running around.

  3. Lisa

    Is it too early for congratulations? Praying for darker lines tomorrow!

  4. Ooooh! What awesome news.

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