What to Expect

when you’re waiting to hear if you’re expecting.
Today is transfer day. Of the 5 that were there Sunday, 2 had arrested. 1 was no looking good. 1 was a cavitating morula and one is a perfect AA grade blast. So the A student and the B student were transferred at 10:30 this morning – the doc was 1/2 late and I told him we should get 2 babies for the price of one ’cause he kept me waiting 30 min with a full bladder.

So we’re pregnant until proven otherwise. 2 maybe babies on board.
When we were driving back to from the clinic my husband yelled at a dumb driver – “Hey- precious cargo here, blasts on board.” That made me chuckle. If only we had signs like that or a secret handshake to let others know we were the walking waiting. The hopeful. The damned. Maybe then this stupid wait wouldn’t seem so long. Or so lonely.
I am pregnant today.
And I wait.


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3 responses to “What to Expect

  1. Lisa

    Thinking of you and hoping at least one of those embies decides to stick around for the next 38 weeks! Hopefully the Bub can keep you distracted during that oh so enjoyable 2ww. Good luck!

  2. How exciting to have 2 amazing babies inside you! Good luck with the 2WW…it is so hard and does feel so lonely, I agree. Wishing the best for you and your babies.

  3. S

    Here from cyclesista. Enjoy being PUPO. I hope your embryos decide to stick around!

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